A better retirement tomorrow starts with more super today. Make sure your members receive all the super they are entitled to, with our proven unpaid super recovery service.

Why us?

Unpaid super recovery

One in four Australian workers have been affected by underpayment or non-payment of their super entitlements, missing out on $4.7billion on average every year*. Unless those payments are recovered, they risk the loss of compounded savings, and may face unnecessary lifestyle limitations during retirement or even risk losing their life insurance.

This makes unpaid super a priority for super funds committed to their members’ best interest. And with legislated increases in entitlements, plus a surge of post-Covid company insolvencies, the risks continue to grow. The introduction of payday super is a positive step forward but not planned for implementation until June 2026.
IFS has recovered almost $2billion for members since 1994. It’s a highly specialised service, and our experienced team has the capability and technology to recover unpaid super at scale – while also protecting your employer relationships.

Partnering with the experts in unpaid super recovery services is a critical step towards protecting your members’ entitlements – and ultimately, ensuring they have a better retirement.

*ISA data based on 2013-14 through to 2019-20

What we offer

Unpaid super recovery services

As advocates for your members, we ensure they receive the super they’re entitled to and help employers meet their obligations. Appoint us at any stage in the process, or let our specialist team take care of every aspect of recovery – knowing we will protect your valuable employer relationships.

Proactive recovery

When it comes to unpaid super, early intervention makes a big difference. Our specialist team will work with your fund to identify arrears, contact the employer to understand the situation and help them find a workable solution. Where payment remains outstanding, we'll refer an employer for legal action.
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Insolvency management

Protect your members’ interests in the event of their employer’s insolvency or liquidation. We will represent your fund in meetings with the administrator.
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Consulting services

Improve your program’s efficiency, increase the volume of unpaid super recovery, plug missing data gaps, or develop strategies to help employers. We have the skills, knowledge and technology to develop tailored programs or solve specific unpaid super issues.
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Our Unique Advantage

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Helping you protect your members

Take a proactive stance on unpaid super, and make sure your members retire with every dollar they're entitled to. It's one way to show you are acting in your members' interests - and an important way of demonstrating your commitment to ethical and ESG considerations.

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Specialist expertise and technology

We’ve spent almost three decades refining our recovery and collection processes, and investing in automation tools. Outsourcing recovery to our specialised team can free your fund to focus on core activities.

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Support for employer relationships

Our empathetic and collaborative approach focuses on finding solutions for employers, not penalising them. They appreciate our help in meeting their obligations, and in most cases we can resolve issues without legal intervention.

Make sure your members receive all the super they have earned.
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